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Bizme Pest Control was established in 2007 by Zam Ibrahim.  After having experience in the pest control industry, he decided to start his own company and specialise in termites and pest control of shops and premises. Zam Ibrahim worked part time in the business from 2005 and did all of the administration and sales and marketing.  It was at this time also that Zam came up the idea of creating a reticulation system to target the cavity areas of a house to prevent termite entry.  Together with Adam Daminus, they developed the Anti-Termite Services.

Today, Bizme Pest Control still provide that personalised service.  We would like to believe that when you employ Bizme Pest Control to take care of your pest control matters, you will have piece of mind knowing that the job has been done at the highest possible level with the best chemicals and technology available.

Contact us on 011-1212 0786 / 09-8444786 and speak to Zam or one of our staff to fix your pest problem today.








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